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Last updated 10/20/2007

I, Dr. Kelly M. Cassidy, am a biologist.  Professionally, I am Curator of the Conner Vertebrate Museum at Washington State University, Pullman, WA, however, this dog longevity project is strictly an avocation of mine.  This site is not hosted by WSU nor do I receive any funding from the University (or any other organization) for this work.  Opinions expressed on this site are entirely my own.

Most of the dogs I've personally owned have been mixed breeds or purebreds of uncertain parentage.  I have loved them all, but am especially drawn to standard poodles.  The dog in the photo in the top of the page is my standard poodle Cedar (Cedar Cassidy NA OAJ).  She and her lifelong companion, my standard poodle Hemlock (Graphic Tsuga CD) both died in 2006.  Their deaths, particularly Cedar's at the too-young age of 9.5, inspired the creation of the web site in the hopes that more dog lovers will be driven to breed as much for health as for dogs that look pretty in a show ring.

My husband and I currently (as of October 2007) have a 9-yr old mixed breed (possibly a husky-bird dog cross) named Camas, and an adolescent, mischievous standard poodle, Alder (Alder Cassidy, born June 23, 2006).

Know of a dog longevity survey I've missed????

If you know of a dog longevity survey not listed on this site, feel free to let me know at:

I welcome surveys from countries where English is not the primary language, but that is the only language I can read.  If you have a survey report that is not in English, please send me a reference anyway and I will try to stumble through a translation. 


The current dogs, Camas (lagging behind) and Alder (tearing ahead)
Oct 10, 2007


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