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Site Purpose

Most dog breed club web sites and many dog breed books provide an estimate of how long a particular breed can be expected to live.  Actual data about pet dog longevity are surprisingly sparse and widely scattered.  This site was created to assemble data and sources in one location, which also allows some interesting analyses.

Site Map

Study Citations

Citations for the multi-breed and single-breed studies with longevity data

Breed Data

All the longevity data for dog breeds and mixed breeds from the longevity studies.

Longevity Trends

Longevity Trends

For a handful of breeds, there are longevity data for more than one time period.  I used those data to look at longevity trends

Survey Comparisons

A. A comparison of Vet School longevity data and longevities based on questionnaires

B. Comparisons of breed longevities between countries for which there are enough data to make a comparison

Weight and Lifespan

A look at how breed weight is (and sometimes isn't) related to longevity

Perception v Reality

A comparison of breed longevities from surveys compared to breed longevity claims.

Surveys - MHO

A few things I'd like to see in sampling design, analyses, and reports of health and longevity surveys.


For visitors looking for the bottom lines.  


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